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Skinny Puppy 18/7/2010

My 4th time for seeing Skinny Puppy, they returned to the Forum where if first saw them six years ago.
The upstairs was closed and it seemd to be only just about two thirds full downstairs which was a shame.
They played a great gig and the crowd really loved it and were loud enough to cover up the fact it was nto packed. The performance and imagery was very diffrent again to previous times i had seen them and the set was changed considerably too , always a good thing .
Songs being played , mixed diffrently made it hard for me to recognise a lot at the time, but i find that  as their material is always so muti layered and textured anyway.A couple of times i felt the remnants of what i thought was someone throwing their beer over the crowd , nothing unusual in that but it was only after awhile i realised it was actually fake blood.
Me and viv left the gig with what looked like cuts and gashes on our face and head this made for some amusing comments on the way home. Had some funny looks form people in the queue at burger king where they though we had a fight with each other.
The support was called Hounds could have done without them.
Setlist :

  1. Love In Vein 
  2. Hatekill 
  3. Addiction
  4. Dogshit
  5. Deadlines
  6. Politikil
  7. Pedafly
  8. Rodent
  9. Tormentor
  10. Pro-Test
  11. Morpheus Laughing
  12. Ugli
  13. Assimilate
  • Encore:
  1. Worlock
  2. Brap
  3. Shorelined Poison

    Would like to think they will return to the uk again sometime after the new album is finally released , latest rumour is that it has now been postponed till November.


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