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FLA 20/7/10

Frontline Assembly
Isligton Academy
Arrived in time to catch the supports , first of which being Concrete Lung.
Was very impressed with them had a great live sound could hear influences of Ministry , Cubanate and Godflesh and they have just released their debut EP - waste of flesh.
Jesus Loves Amerika - i got bored with rather quickly and found them rather repetitive especially the overlong and rather immature final song , fuck da police.
FLA  were absloutley awesome , much better than when i saw them at the Scala some years ago .
The new album sounds ace live .
The majority of the crowd were great but i still don't understand some people , if you can't handle being pushed and thrown about then don't stand down the front  just move it's really easy.
A woman at the barrier seemed to spend more time glaring at the people enjoying themselves behind her than enjoying the gig herself, apparently she apologised to me for giving me greif for falling into her as i explained if someone pushes me im going to get shoved into the person in front of me.
Apparently she had dislocated her knee , so then why the fuck are you at the front of the gig !?
Plus a young teenager and his girlfreind who clearly had not been to many gigs before spent the whole time really upset that they were not able to stand still.
I told him if he could not handle it then he should move , he agreed with me but was still determined to protect his GF even though she told him the same.
Gutted that i found out afterwards they came back on for another encore of Bio Mechanic but we left as soon as Mindphaser finished to get the last train.
Was also impressed that Bill met up with some of the mindpahsers in the pub before the gig , i missed this as well as i wanted to check out the supports.
Would give anything to see them again at the moment.
Set list

  1. IED 
  2. Circuitry 
  3. Angriff 
  4. Resist 
  5. Release 
  6. Hostage 
  7. Plasticity 
  8. Pressure Wave 
  9. Prophecy 
  10. Shifting Through The Lens 
  11. Millennium 
  • Encore:
  1. Liquid Separation 
  2. Mindphaser 
  • Encore 2:
  1. Bio Mechanic 


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