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die verlorene Landstraße
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User Number: 956926
Date Created:2003-03-19
Number of Posts: 63

Zoltan66 is a rubberclad vampire. He is brooding, yet loyal to his closest friends, and has a taste for corset wearing vixens! He can be surprising funny and has a fangtastic taste is all things fetish. He is partical to a fine bottle of *red* wine.
Strengths: Loyality, fireproof, and is a good source of music
Weaknesses: too self critical, although he is getting better...and has the tendancy of scaring the crap out of loving friends!!
Special Skills: tremedous scare tactics and very good at pushing a trolly late at night
Weapons: sharp teeth, long finger nails...and sharp wit...score triple points if use all three at once.
Darkness Rating: Brings out the beauty of darkness in everyone...it you want to be embraced, this is the soul to do it.

Please note that this was created for me by a dear freind.
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